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>Urban Planet Co., Ltd.The company was established in May, 2001 and mainly engaged in professional design of architecture and urban facility.>Mori Building Co., Ltd.Mori Building was established in 1959 headquartered in Tokyo. It is a very famous company engaging in comprehensive real estate development and its main businesses include urban reconstructi...>Obayashi CorporationObayashi was established in 1892 and is one of top architectural companies in Japan. It is mainly engaged in architecture home and abroad, community development, urban development, sea devel...>NIHON SEKKEI, INC.NIHON SEKKEI was established in 1967 and is a very large design company which is famous for designing the first rise building in Japan. Its main businesses include architecture, landscape an...>JEDIJEDI, together with a South Korean commercial developer participating in TIMES SQUARE (went into operation in September, 2009) which is the highest level large-scale commercial facility in A...>Shanghai World Financial CenterShanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is located in central financial district of Lujiazui with 101 floors over ground and height of 492mm, which is called “a vertical urban complex”.>Park Hyatt HotelShanghai Park Hyatt Hotel is a five-star fashion apartment hotel located in F79 to F93 of Shanghai World Financial Center which is called “a vertical urban complex”.>Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.Listed in 1972, Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. (Sun Kung Kai Properties) is one of the largest real estate developers in Hong Kang. It is mainly engaged in building high quality resident and c...
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